New wall art pieces dropping on the 3rd of June. More restocks and updates in the weeks to follow.

Update for Summer 2022

Words often come easy. At other times, they allude us--getting stuck in throats or in the tips of fingers hovering above a keyboard. In these moments there is no amount of stammering or backspacing that can help. All that is left is raw honesty.

My dad has cancer. The bad kind. What once was a hopeful prognosis has metastasized into a litany of procedures, medications, and hospital beds. Our family has borne witness as my active, canoeist-rock-climbing father has waned into a frustrated soul betrayed by his own body.

Last week I packed my bags along with my tools, wood burner, and some dry slabs and made the cross-country drive from Montana to Ohio. The plan was to help and support, all the while continuing to run my business from the family farm. That was the plan. But our perception of reality is often crushed to pieces by life’s revolving door. It has become apparent that bedside at the hospital is where I am most needed. So, for now, True South Wood Designs is on the backburner.

I apologize for your ignored inquiries and emails, but I have no answers to where I will be selling my art this summer. My once definitive schedule has been replaced with dated boxes filled with question marks. I have some inventory with me and, when I get a minute, I’ll post these items on my website. I will also have some pieces for sale at Draught Works Brewery in Missoula during the month of July (thankful for loved ones willing to haul and hang my art in my absence). You can also find True South items at The Artists' Shop in Missoula, Wheat Montana on Hwy 93, in Polson at handMADE Montana, and in Stevensville at Burning Sage Studio.

Thank you for all the love, prayers, and positive vibe-ing. You are appreciated.